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We are proud to offer one of the finest scales on the market and by far the best value!

Our glas scales can be configured to work as a repalcement glass scale with almost any readout display (DRO) available on the market, including displays made by Anilam, Acuright, Dropros, Fagor, Grizzly, Sargon, Metronics and Mitutoyo.

Our unique Linear Scale Configuration Tool allows you to select the right replacement unit for your digital readout (DRO).. Don't forget to read What is Linear Scale article to find out how Glass scales work and what applications they can be used in.

Technical Specifications

- Precision engineered and crafted glass grating linear transducer
- Infrared sensor system, 880nm wave length
- 5 bearings supporting system
- 5 um (0.0002”) resolution
- 2 um (0.0001”) repeatability
- 3 um (0.0001”) hysteresis
- 6 um accuracy for 6”- 18” units, 10 um accuracy for scales up to 32” long
- Maximum travel speed of 60 m/min
- High noise immunity
- 9ft long armored cable
- Laser calibrated and inspected
- Double seal protection
- IP53 DIN40050 protection level against harsh environment
- ISO 9001 quality control certified, CE certified
- Mounting Hardware included

For downloadable datasheet, drawings, dimensions and installation manuals, please visit our Support and Downloads section. For available travel lengths, and online pricing proceed to our Configuration And Ordering Tool


We will configure our glass scale with the proper output stage and connector to fit one of the DRO displays from the list below. Our online configuration tool allows you to select the proper options to match your digital readout display. All pricing is available online in real time!


All models with 6 pin round connector; MillVision; TurnVision; EDMvision; Acu-Right II; Acu-Right III; Master-G; Master-MP; Master-TP;Qwikcount II;DRO-100; DRO-200; DRO200E; VRO300; 200S;300S; Acurite VUE


MicroWizard; MiniWizard; Spirit II; SuperWizard; Wizard; Wizard 100; Wizard 111; Wizard 150; Wizard 350; Wizard 350 Plus; Wizard800; WizardLathe; Lathe 800; Wizard 150 Plus ; Wizard 211; Wizard 450; wizard 450L; Wizard 900; Wizard 900E; Wizard550; Wizard 411; Wizard 311


QuadraCheck 2000 series; QuadraCheck 2200series; QC2200; QuadraCheck 2203 (QC-2203); QuadraCheck2205 (QC-2205); Quadra-Check 2210 (QC-2210); Quadra-Check 2213 (QC-2213); Quadra-Check 2215 (QC-2215)


Innova 10i/20i/20iM/30iM/20iT/30iT ; NVP 200WC; NVP-201QC; NV11; NV21; NV301M; NV301E; NV301T ; NV10; NV20; NV300M; NV300E; NV300T; NVK20; NVP-M; NP301; NVP300; NVP301P; NVP201; NVP301; NVP401; NVP301T; NVP301TS; NVP 200; NVP300; NVP400; NVP300T; NVP300TS


AL Counter #164-654 through 164-659;
ALC Counter #164-777through 164-779;
APL Counter #164-660 through 164-665;
FLC Counter - #164-831 through 164-833;
FLC-2A #164-851 through 164-856;
FLE Counter #164-861(X,Y axis only);
FLL Counter #164-864;
GM Counter;
PL Counter #164-252, 164-254, and 164-256;
PL-EDM #164-295;
PLL Counter #164-288;
PM Counter #164-272,164-274, 164-276;
PM-L Counter #164-262,164-264, 164-266 and 164-272 through 164-276
KC, KL, KLL and KS counters


M20M; SA100; SA100-R; Topaz Digital


650; 652; 653; 660; 700; 700EDM; 700L; 722; 900Comp; 900M

Easson, Jenix, Dro-Pros, Ditron, Grizzly

All Models

Note:We do not sell OEM glass scales. Anilam, Acuright, Dropros, Fagor, Grizzly, Sargon, Metronics, Mitutoyo, Newall etc are registered trademarks of their respective owners. ZS SYSTEMS is not affilaited with any of those companies and does not distribute or manufacture any of their products. ZS SYSTEMS uses third party product names for the sole informational purpose of assisting our customers in choosing correct aftermarket replacement parts.


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